Add Bank Account to Buyer

Add a bank account to your buyer and set it as the default account for ACH

1. First, create a new bank account for your buyer:

POST to{}/bank


This response string represents your new "bankAccount.Id." You can retrieve your bank accounts within your buyer object by performing a GET to[BuyerId]

2. Now, update your Buyer's ACH settings with the bank account's "id" (API) or token (UI) value as your "bankAccount.Id":

PUT to{}

  "ach": {
  	"bankAccountId": "{bankAccount.Id}", // "id" returned from previous post, or, another bank account you have established in your Buyer profile
  	"billing": "GOOD_FUNDS", // GOOD_FUNDS is required for ACH
  	"debitMethod": "Debit for Each Transaction", // or "Debit by Batch"	
		"delayDays": 6 // May also be left out of the payload to default to the Institution Default value. 0-7 are other valid values.
  "achEnabled": true,
  "associatedInstitutionId": "{InstId}",
  "associatedInstitutionName": "{InstName}",
  "bid": "{BID}",
  "id": "{Buyer.Id}",
  "name": "{BuyerName}",
  "achRequested": true

You may now check that your ACH was updated with the correct account by executing the following request:
GET to{buyer.Id}/bank/default/ACH

    "billing": "GOOD_FUNDS",
    "debitMethod": "Debit for Each Transaction",
    "delayDays": 6,
    "bankAccount": {
        "accountNumber": "****1215",
        "accountType": "checking",
        "id": "{bankAccountId}",
        "routingNumber": "****0052"

You can review our developer documentation for adding banks to your buyer here: