Cancel Cards/Transactions

A quick how-to cancel virtual Cards/Transactions

Please know that cards can only be canceled prior to authorization. Once an active authorization has been completed by the supplier the card can no longer be canceled.

Through the API you can make a call to cancel all transactions for a specific card. The "id" is the "internalid" that is unique to each card. These can be found through the UI or through the API.


    "payload": {
        "id": "f7519413-0281-5a12-a752-1b2561fa1924"


    "statusDate": "2020-04-02T14:41:11.302Z",
    "id": "f7519413-0281-5a12-a752-1b2561fa1924",
    "paymentStatus": "Cancelled",
    "paymentAuthMessage": "",
    "vcnBalance": 0,
    "cancelled": "2020-04-02T14:41:11.302Z"

To delete the card, you would navigate to your settings tab under your buyer and manually delete each card.